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"Cultivate a pure mind, Manifest your true potential, Transcend beyond the physical & Resonate with the Universe"

Yoga is a complete scientific system that encompasses mind, body and spirit.

It is rooted from eastern understanding of human anatomy and energy systems.

Yoga is an incredible tool for self-discovery, healing, physical and spiritual balance, spiritual and physical strength, suppleness and is a necessary tool for managing stress, anxiety, and depression, and other imbalances that manifest in today's society.

As well as a beautiful pairing in Pregnancy and childhood.

Yoga developed over centuries – Hatha being the base for all the variations of today.

Yoga's physical teachings derived through meditation, and after hundreds of years of transitioning we have the yoga practices of today.

If you are thinking about beginning yoga in Cyprus, Limassol for any of the above reasons you can expect a wonderful journey of self-exploration which in turn will trigger a deep sense of self-awareness as you begin to tap into your innate wisdom, your vital forces, you will unlock the mastery of self-healing and enabling your full human potential. Yoga Cyprus-Limassol