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Big Buddha

"I am Loving My Journey".

Yoga is an incredible tool for self-discovery, healing, physical and spiritual balance, spiritual and physical strength, suppleness .

About Big Buddha

Michelle has been working professionally within the Health & Fitness industry for over 15 years as a therapist, physical trainer, life coach and Yoga Instructor.

She now concentrates her expertise as yoga teacher and therapist.

Michelle’s classes vary from gentle to vigorous and incorporate modifications appropriate to all levels. She offers a style that is accessible and easy to understand.

Her classes are often focused on the lunar and seasonal cycles, and will weave together strong Asana, Yoga Nidra, meditation and breath-work geared toward accessing energy and the chakra system.

Michelle has been practicing yoga for almost 20 years and has been teaching for 8.

One of Her specialities is creating a nurturing environment so women can feel secure and grounded enough to begin to explore their female energies .

Just recently moved to Limassol - Cyprus she hopes her journey with yoga continues.

She is affiliated with ‘The Yoga Alliance’.

She is also a registered instructor and facilitator with ‘Yoga Nidra Network’.

Fully qualified practitioner for adolescents with ’The Teen Yoga Foundation’

Fully qualified and registered Pregnancy Yoga Teacher ,’Womb’.

As well reps accredited health and fitness professional.


Michelle Codd BA (hons) Theatre Design

Fully qualified Hatha Yoga Instructor

Vinyasa Flow

Restorative Yoga

Pregnancy Yoga

Yoga Nidra and Meditation

Energy Therapist



Health and fitness Level 5

Awards From


Champneys Tring

Institute Of Complimentary Medicine

Central School of Speech and Drama

Yoga Campus

Teachers & Inspirations

Shiva Rea: Prana, Vinyasa, Trance

Uma Dinsmore Tuli & Lisa White: Pregnancy Yoga Training

Uma Dinsmore Tuli & Nirlipta Tuli: Total Yoga Nidra Foundation

Sue Woodd: Seasonal Yoga

Monica Linford: Yoga Teacher Training

Colin Davies, sun power yoga teacher.

Charlotta Chandrila Martinus, Teen Yoga Foundation.


Dear Michelle.

I've always thought I'm not very good at yoga. As a result I've avoided attending classes although I have tried on and off for a couple of years.

I'm now attending regularly and that is down to you. With your instruction and encouragement I am progressing with my ability and me confidence.

The class is more than relaxation and getting the poses right....Your calm and patient method of teaching makes the experience a real pleasure and I always want to come back next week.

Additionally, I've seen and felt some real results from the classes in relation to my body and my performance. I am less stressed when I leave yoga and you always make time for me even though you have a busy and full class.

I feel as though your mine and everyone else's friend as you provide a trusting and encouraging delivery every time.

You are a beautiful person.

Thank you....that is all.


Sangeeta Haindl

"Michelle is a wonderful, warm and inspiring yoga teacher and in the short space of time that I have been doing the class I have felt so many benefits both mentally and physically. Michelle is the perfect yoga teacher and I really do recommend her."

Vishal Shah

"I started Yoga with Michelle around 9 months ago. From the start, Michelle was really supportive. I thought my first class would be terifying however it was quite the opposite as Michelle helped all the beginers by recapping on the moves and coming around and adjusting us. While doing this she still catered for the rest of the class.

The classes are great as they are mixed around the seasons and leave me both feeling like i have had a good yoga hour but also relaxed due to the meditation we do."

Anna Sagan

Thank you, Michelle, for helping my body remain strong, supple and energised and my mind content, tranquil yet focussed. Your Sunday morning class is simply the best start to the day!


Michelle's classes are wonderful and affect you on many levels.

Addressing the physical, emotional and spiritual body through a flow of meditation and mindful movement, the classes are fluid, non-competitive and give you permission to take things at your own pace.

I love the combination of repetition to really consolidate the core asanas and the variation Michelle brings each week to keep the practice fresh and interesting.

I've tried a lot of different yoga but Michelle's particular style has been a really good fit. I feel both worked and relaxed and always leave her class grounded and calm (with my legs shaking!)

Michelle is a lovely, attentive and energetic teacher. I really recommend her classes.